Independence and transparency. Hiring out your boat enables you to receive significant tangible income. However, so that this hiring out is effective, as a high-end charter, or as a hire with a captain, you need to know that everyone’s needs are complex and different.

One of the key points of the plan resides in anticipation and in preparing the plan well in advance. This phase will have a direct impact on the choice of boat and its various options, but also on the flag, the crew, the purchase method, the methods of using it and of course, finances. With a background in this, Boatin’France will advise you totally independently and with transparency.

Thereafter, if you so wish, Boatin’France will continue supporting you and will work as the essential link between you, charter traders, brokers, clients and captains. We promote your boat everywhere, and we breathe life into the commercialisation network.

You will benefit from our connections with key players in international commercialisation, while we will make sure we satisfy charterers with an impeccable service.


Your plan

  • Commercialisation
  • With crew

Our response

  • Plan study
  • Help with making a decision
  • Projected finances
  • Adhering to the regulatory framework
  • International commercialisation
  • Identification of partners
  • Marketing media
  • Breathing life into the network
  • Relationships with charterers
  • Sales administration