NEEL Trimarans distributor


Whatever the NEEL model you choose, Boatin'France will offer you its unique expertise on long trips and its international after-sales service. Enhance your Neel experience with Boatin'France and push back the horizon a little bit farther still.

NEEL Trimarans distributor


Trimarans are the most efficient and safest multihull boats at sea. Now, thanks to NEEL’s innovation, they are also getting more comfortable and are particularly suitable for family cruise programmes.

Whatever your philosophy, in Loft mode around the world as a couple, as a family, or in racing mode amongst friends, so as to keep on taking first place on the podium, NEEL Trimarans will satisfy your requirements. By combining the best in monohull boats and catamarans, it will meet everyone’s expectations: stability, space, performance, ease in steering.

With NEEL Trimarans, you will have an input in the design and choosing the layout of your boat, with a great number of combinations of equipment and set-ups available. You will sail on board a fast cruising boat, without sacrificing anything, not its comfort nor the cosy ambience which is abundant inside.

With NEEL Trimarans and Boatin’France, push back the horizon a little bit farther still.

NEEL Trimarans is a real firm favourite. These boats are very well designed, truly made for long trips.