Being there when you need us. From on-demand service to supporting owners who sail independently, to the complete management of the boat with a crew, Boatin’France is always by your side, throughout the whole world.

Management 360°

Always by your side, anywhere in the world. Our 360° Management contract has been built on over the years to fully meet all requests, whether for private or commercial use.

Prior to the purchase, we present you with a view of all the mechanisms, luxury boat hire with crew contract obligations. We also approach different matters, such as choosing the flag, sea safety and budgetary aspects.

After the purchase, we remain by your side throughout our 360° Management contract. We take care of the administration of a great number of tasks for you, with transparency, according to what you want.

As a managing body, we continually make sure that your boat and your peace of mind are protected, we optimise the commercialisation of the boat and we take care of crew relations.

360° Management is an exclusive service offered annually, carried out by Boatin’France, and is specifically suited to boats of 60 feet and more.

Your plan

  • Commercialisation or private use
  • Boat of 60 feet or more
  • Annualy or for the season
  • With crew


Easy Sailing 360°

360° Easy Sailing responds to owners who want to sail independently on their boat and hire it out as a one-off, with one or two crew members when it is vacant.

With 360° Easy Sailing, you rely on our knowledge in developing your plan before buying your boat: flag, regulations, commercialisation method, trip programme, set- up, watch-points. From this stage, you benefit from our experience and you can achieve your plan using our knowledge in the field.

Then, we remain by your side through a set of services offered on-demand, from training to assisting with the trip, and also making a one-off crew available. You can rely on our experience and our international network to facilitate your boat’s ownership and using it on trips.

360° Easy Sailing is an exclusive service offered on-demand, carried out by Boatin’France, specifically suited to boats of 50 feet and more.

Your plan

  • Commercialisation or private use
  • Boat of 50 feet and more
  • Long trip or seasonal use
  • Without a crew

You choose on-demand services

  • Yacht purchase support (new and pre-owned)
  • Flags and international regulations
  • Monitoring of building and inspection upon reception
  • Training about your boat
  • Projected finances
  • One-off crew service
  • Route planning
  • Sailing support unit
  • Weather assistance and route monitoring
  • International maintenance
  • Marina berth and international wintering
  • Commercialisation