Become owner

A team to guide you

“Our goal is to help the future owner of a yacht make his dream come true.”Explains David Steckar, co-founder of Boatin’France. “Our experience and the services we offer will free it from the administrative and technical worries associated with its purchase.” The Boatin’France team, which shares its attraction for the sea and navigation with the customer, remains methodical and pragmatic. Alexandre Goyer, captain and technician, is one of those who will accompany you throughout your buying journey. “I love people, I love relationships, I like to convey to the customer this happiness that the boat can bring. He said.
“But I never lose sight of the rigor that the maritime world demands.”

We are at your disposal from the development of your project. We can offer you collaborators for a financial and regulatory study (leasing, flag, taxation) depending on the use you plan to make of your future boat. We are involved in the choice of your yacht, trying with you the models most suited to your tastes and your sailing program. Once the order has been placed, we follow the key stages of its construction. Our know-how and the feedback from our crews are decisive in detecting and correcting the weak points of the units produced by the shipyards, guaranteeing better reliability of your investment.

Multihulls or monohulls, propelled by engines or by sails, we receive and deliver around thirty boats per year. This is to say our knowledge of the players in the French nautical industry, it is also to say the keenness of our gaze on the quality of the yacht that will be handed over to you. Our high standards are reflected in the on-board equipment which, from teaspoons to safety equipment, from made-to-measure duvets to spare parts, will be carefully chosen with you, for you.

And when the time comes to cast off,we can, if you wish, accompany you in navigation.

Rent your boat

Renting in full clarity

Do you want to rationalize the use of your boat by putting it under management?

Boatin’France advises you independently, from the start of your project: choice of boat, method of purchase, regulatory framework. Once your yacht is operational, we organize its rental. After market research and discussions with our network of brokers, we agree with you on the terms of its marketing: region where your yacht will be based, availability calendar and price list.

Through us, your boat is offered through our selected network of brokerage agencies.It is also presented on the websites of the best specialized rental companies. As a central agent, we are not intended to be in direct contact with customers, but we remain in constant contact with each owner and, of course, with each captain to whom we provide the necessary support. “In our business, the human aspect is essential, whether it is with the crews, the rental companies, our partners or the owners,” says Christie Patry, sales manager. We adapt to the customer, it’s not up to them to adapt to us. “

Managed and maintained by the professional crew that we have selected together, your boat will be at the center of a real ecosystem.In its port of departure, chosen to be easy of access for tenants, we set up a laundry service for the laundry available to customers, we coordinate the complete cleaning of the yacht between two contracts and we establish a partnership with technicians for any repairs. We also promote the local sourcing of food and beverages, with a unique focus on three criteria: quality, freshness, flavor. Because, always, we ensure an irreproachable service.

Recruit a crew

Professional sailors by your side

On yachts over 50 feet, the presence of a professional crew is essential to navigate with confidence. navigate with confidence. Skipper, hostess, sailor: Boatin’France takes care of selecting for you the candidates with the best references, according to your expectations. All our sailors have the patents and certificates corresponding to the size, type and use of your boat. “Our strength is to put the right people in the right places,” explains David Steckar, CEO of Boatin’France. Including the sailors, the whole team has an impressive amount of experience. “

Your yacht is entrusted to a reference captain, responsible for the smooth running of the vessel and its maintenance throughout the year. We also favor the establishment of a double crew taking turns every 5 to 6 weeks. This system of regular rotation guarantees the good health of the staff, their job security, and therefore their ability to provide high-quality, attentive and considerate service at all times. “What matters are the meetings. Said Laurent Prat, captain with Boatin’France for the past fifteen years. We live with clients from all walks of life and that interests me. In the exchange, we develop mutual trust and even a form of philosophy! “.

The daily management of on-board personnel is carried out from our headquarters, in Le Havre, by Christie Patry and David Steckar, whose role would be tantamount to that of an armaments captain in a traditional shipping company. Shipping of seafarers, orders for spare parts or reservation of berths: the ship is in regular contact with people they know well, which allows for better responsiveness. “With the skipper, we work together for the same goal: to satisfy the owner.” Summarizes Christie.

Maintain your boat

Technical support, human relationship

On a daily basis, the word “anticipate” is the sailor’s mantra.

The crew takes care of the routine maintenance of the boat and the various equipment. Both seaman and captain seek to avoid premature wear and tear on the devices. Their objective is to preserve the autonomy, and therefore the safety of the ship at sea. From the Le Havre base of Boatin’France, our technical team provides support, for advice and the dispatch of spare parts.

In the event of damage, pragmatism and cost control are the rule.

The edge can count on our employees to find a quick and affordable solution. “If we have an expensive part to change, we consult the owner and submit several quotes. Explains Christie Patry, Logistics and Commercial Coordinator. We are the experts, he has the final choice. Our goal is to work together, in confidence. ” Long established in the boating industry, we are in contact with external stakeholders capable of acting effectively on board your yacht.

Our team is also responsible for preparing future stopovers (berth reservation, laundry collection, cleaning, etc.). She can take care of the administrative procedures and formalities for entering and leaving a country, in conjunction with a local correspondent. But beyond logistics issues, what sets our company apart is our ability to navigate with you, even from our offices. If necessary, we can lend you a hand to establish your route, do the routing and weather monitoring. In case of emergency, we relay with the emergency services. “Our clients are a bit like us,” says David Steckar, manager of Boatin’France. We know them. With them we remain ourselves, natural. This is how our close-knit and competent team can offer them personalized services. “

Our formulas

The three Boatin France formulas for your yacht

360 ° management

Thanks to this comprehensive year-round contract, you free yourself from all the management tasks of your boat.

From the start, upstream of the purchase, Boatin France is at your side to define the best financing and management solutions, depending on the future use of your yacht.

Once the boat is launched, we ensure its maintenance and protection on a daily basis and around the world.

In regular contact with the crew recruited for you, our team takes care of administrative, regulatory and logistical procedures.

In coordination with your needs, we also optimize the rental of your yacht and its marketing through a network of selected brokerage agencies.

Easy sailing 360°

With this contract for the season or the year, you navigate independently on your boat, Boatin France organizes its rental with a crew, when you are not using it.

We also help you to develop your project before the purchase, as much in the marketing methods, the choice of the flag and the definition of your navigation program.

You can complete this offer by calling on us for specific, temporary and personalized services, such as travel assistance, a wintering solution or the temporary provision of professional sailors.

Services à la carte

Boatin France offers a range of distinct services to choose from, according to your needs.

  • Advice before purchase on flags and international regulations
  • Construction monitoring and inspection of the boat upon delivery
  • Individualized training on your yacht
  • Financial forecasts
  • Short-term crew service
  • Itinerary planning
  • Navigation support unit
  • Weather and routing assistance
  • International maintenance
  • Mooring and wintering in Europe or around the world
  • Marketing with rental


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