Maintain your boat

Technical support, human relationship

On a daily basis, the word “anticipate” is the sailor’s mantra.

The crew takes care of the routine maintenance of the boat and the various equipment. Both seaman and captain seek to avoid premature wear and tear on the devices. Their objective is to preserve the autonomy, and therefore the safety of the ship at sea. From the Le Havre base of Boatin’France, our technical team provides support, for advice and the dispatch of spare parts.

In the event of damage, pragmatism and cost control are the rule.

The edge can count on our employees to find a quick and affordable solution. “If we have an expensive part to change, we consult the owner and submit several quotes. Explains Christie Patry, Logistics and Commercial Coordinator. We are the experts, he has the final choice. Our goal is to work together, in confidence. ” Long established in the boating industry, we are in contact with external stakeholders capable of acting effectively on board your yacht.

Our team is also responsible for preparing future stopovers (berth reservation, laundry collection, cleaning, etc.). She can take care of the administrative procedures and formalities for entering and leaving a country, in conjunction with a local correspondent. But beyond logistics issues, what sets our company apart is our ability to navigate with you, even from our offices. If necessary, we can lend you a hand to establish your route, do the routing and weather monitoring. In case of emergency, we relay with the emergency services. “Our clients are a bit like us,” says David Steckar, manager of Boatin’France. We know them. With them we remain ourselves, natural. This is how our close-knit and competent team can offer them personalized services. “