Our formulas

The three Boatin France formulas for your yacht

360 ° management

Thanks to this comprehensive year-round contract, you free yourself from all the management tasks of your boat.

From the start, upstream of the purchase, Boatin France is at your side to define the best financing and management solutions, depending on the future use of your yacht.

Once the boat is launched, we ensure its maintenance and protection on a daily basis and around the world.

In regular contact with the crew recruited for you, our team takes care of administrative, regulatory and logistical procedures.

In coordination with your needs, we also optimize the rental of your yacht and its marketing through a network of selected brokerage agencies.

Easy sailing 360°

With this contract for the season or the year, you navigate independently on your boat, Boatin France organizes its rental with a crew, when you are not using it.

We also help you to develop your project before the purchase, as much in the marketing methods, the choice of the flag and the definition of your navigation program.

You can complete this offer by calling on us for specific, temporary and personalized services, such as travel assistance, a wintering solution or the temporary provision of professional sailors.

Services à la carte

Boatin France offers a range of distinct services to choose from, according to your needs.

  • Advice before purchase on flags and international regulations
  • Construction monitoring and inspection of the boat upon delivery
  • Individualized training on your yacht
  • Financial forecasts
  • Short-term crew service
  • Itinerary planning
  • Navigation support unit
  • Weather and routing assistance
  • International maintenance
  • Mooring and wintering in Europe or around the world
  • Marketing with rental