Recruit a crew

Professional sailors by your side

On yachts over 50 feet, the presence of a professional crew is essential to navigate with confidence. navigate with confidence. Skipper, hostess, sailor: Boatin’France takes care of selecting for you the candidates with the best references, according to your expectations. All our sailors have the patents and certificates corresponding to the size, type and use of your boat. “Our strength is to put the right people in the right places,” explains David Steckar, CEO of Boatin’France. Including the sailors, the whole team has an impressive amount of experience. “

Your yacht is entrusted to a reference captain, responsible for the smooth running of the vessel and its maintenance throughout the year. We also favor the establishment of a double crew taking turns every 5 to 6 weeks. This system of regular rotation guarantees the good health of the staff, their job security, and therefore their ability to provide high-quality, attentive and considerate service at all times. “What matters are the meetings. Said Laurent Prat, captain with Boatin’France for the past fifteen years. We live with clients from all walks of life and that interests me. In the exchange, we develop mutual trust and even a form of philosophy! “.

The daily management of on-board personnel is carried out from our headquarters, in Le Havre, by Christie Patry and David Steckar, whose role would be tantamount to that of an armaments captain in a traditional shipping company. Shipping of seafarers, orders for spare parts or reservation of berths: the ship is in regular contact with people they know well, which allows for better responsiveness. “With the skipper, we work together for the same goal: to satisfy the owner.” Summarizes Christie.