Rent your boat

Renting in full clarity

Do you want to rationalize the use of your boat by putting it under management?

Boatin’France advises you independently, from the start of your project: choice of boat, method of purchase, regulatory framework. Once your yacht is operational, we organize its rental. After market research and discussions with our network of brokers, we agree with you on the terms of its marketing: region where your yacht will be based, availability calendar and price list.

Through us, your boat is offered through our selected network of brokerage agencies.It is also presented on the websites of the best specialized rental companies. As a central agent, we are not intended to be in direct contact with customers, but we remain in constant contact with each owner and, of course, with each captain to whom we provide the necessary support. “In our business, the human aspect is essential, whether it is with the crews, the rental companies, our partners or the owners,” says Christie Patry, sales manager. We adapt to the customer, it’s not up to them to adapt to us. “

Managed and maintained by the professional crew that we have selected together, your boat will be at the center of a real ecosystem.In its port of departure, chosen to be easy of access for tenants, we set up a laundry service for the laundry available to customers, we coordinate the complete cleaning of the yacht between two contracts and we establish a partnership with technicians for any repairs. We also promote the local sourcing of food and beverages, with a unique focus on three criteria: quality, freshness, flavor. Because, always, we ensure an irreproachable service.